December 7, 2013

Philly | Home Tour

Lauren and I moved into Philadelphia together this passed July (2013). We had a blast planning our future apartment long before we actually had a place... or knew we would be in the same city for that matter. I owe this incredible find entirely to Lauren. While I was still working in NYC she bookmarked every available apartment within our designated six block grid (no joke). She biked around Philly like a mad woman and went to endless apartment tours until she found this one! She sent me loads of photos and videos and we both saw the potential in the high ceiling, large windows, and open space (even through the dark and cluttered current state of the apartment). 

There is something incredibly satisfying about taking on a new challenge with someone you love and this fixer-upper was the perfect project to share! And with two months of summer with no responsibilities and no rent to pay... I was in DIY heaven (links to projects below pictures). 

Burned Orange Reading Chair: Ikea  | Green Arm Chair: Ikea DIY | Sofa: Second hand from coworker | Dining Table: DIY barn door restoration | Bar Cart: Ikea DIY | Rug: Ikea 

Lauren and I have pretty different styles but the final product coalesced our aesthetics better than anticipated. I have a more bohemian, eclectic DIY sense of style while Lauren has a much more classic, clean, and traditional aesthetic. I'm not really sure what you call these two styles together but I do know that I like it. 

 DIY Pillows 

In my time off before work and medical school I threw myself into as many apartment projects as possible and DIY pillows were at the very top of my list. These hand made patterns were inspired by Ariel Alasko's Brooklyn to West (which I am absolutely obsessed with and considered begging to be her apprentice but I ran out of NY time).  

Left: Glass and Wire Lamp: Target | Side Table: Target | Glass Coaster: Dollar Tree, Right: Small Table: Trash Day 

The pre-clinical years of medical school have a certain way of sucking the creativity out of your life so we made a conscious effort to avoid having textbooks and reference materials out in the open. 

DIY Rope Vase and Homemade Art 

Instead we tried to surround ourselves with some of our favorite books, poetry, and art. This way even if we don't have anytime to pick up Jean Paul Sartre's Nausea we can still be moved by it's presence? (Okay maybe not but it definitely looks better than a spread of physiology books.) 

Black Eyed Peas Sculpture by: Narcisse Galvis

Jewelry holder: Anthropologie, Ghost Chair: Ikea