October 19, 2014

Philly Aids Walk | 5K


I had a wonderful time with the SNMA Region VIII crew supporting the Philly Aids Fund at today's  5K walk. There were so many walkers, runners, and volunteers who came out. It was a powerful and important event that I'm proud to have participated in. Although the walk boasted amazing views of the city and great conversation with friends the best part far and away was finally meeting Lorrie and baby Kai!!  

October 3, 2014

Schuylkill River Trail

 The Schuylkill River Trail is one of the best things about Philly. The trail is 26+ miles for running, biking or a slow Sunday stroll. Philly recently extended the trail to the Schuylkill Banks which added a great incline for some workouts. Lauren and I took Addy to check out the new stretch on opening weekend.


September 29, 2014

Ocean City | Half Marathon

Congrats to Lauren and Neha on their stellar performance in the Ocean City NJ Half Marathon!

 Most of the race was on this fun boardwalk which made for fantastic people watching. 

 Looking good at mile 10

 As a spectator... I reallllly enjoyed the location. 

Pretty safe to say Addy enjoyed herself too! 

Finished up the trip with some delicious food and drinks. 

September 5, 2014

Pallet Project | Kitchen Storage

My little helper, Addy

White washed background and stained wood

Kitchen storage!

Very tired after a long few days of work

This project was super quick and easy and has seriously transformed our very neglected kitchen. From the linoleum cabinets and counter tops to the tiny sink, the kitchen seemed unsalvageable so I focused my projects everywhere else. There was a large 4ft x 8ft empty space of wall that I had contemplated doing something with for a very long time but I had no idea how to use the space. I finally saw an industrial pallet at work this summer and quickly set my heart on a kitchen storage/beautification project. I brought it home hoping that I would be able to take it apart and build some really unique storage. After several hours of trying to pry slats of wood free and breaking several I finally gave up on the disassembly plan. I was extremely lucky though because the intact pallet just happened to fit perfectly in the space! I stained the front half of the wood and white washed the back panels. Once everything was dry (about 12 hours later) I added two Ikea Fintorp rails for hanging pots and pans. I'm incredibly happy with the result but admittedly a little sad that I didn't get to use my tools. 

August 23, 2014

Hudson Valley | Whiskey Distillery

Hudson River Valley is among my favorite places to visit because of the immense natural beauty and long history as an artist community...but adding the Tuthilltown Sprits [Hudson Whiskey] into the mix quickly doubled my love. 
Tuthilltown is small and intimate distillery with a true craft spirit. They take locally grown ingredients and combine them with ingenuity and style.  
 Hudson Whiskey swag
 Each bottle is hand marked with the year, batch, and bottle
All of the tastings were incredible but I think Baby Bourbon won my heart.