August 19, 2014

School House | Catskills

Lauren, Addy, and I headed up to Catskill New York to celebrate Lauren's 26th birthday. We are huge fans of airbnb and the Hudson Valley area so after a little searching we settled on the beautiful and charming Cottage School House by the River. The renovated school house sits on a five acre plot along side the main house. The atmosphere was perfect and we were so at happy and home to be tucked away in the mountains again. The mountains and the crisp air brought back so many great memories of Williams College in late summer (before preseason)!

Main house & shed
Teepee & backyard
School House with original wood floor and panels
Wood panels from the 1920s complete with kids names etched in
Addy the doodle lounging around
Amazing wood burning oven
My girls sleeping in 
patterns & texture 
Coffee table books 

Hiking | Catskills

This is one happy little hiker (below)! We have always enjoyed hiking but since we got Addy the hiking has become a weekly tradition. It has been a great way to put studying on pause and be outside doing something healthy. So naturally it would not have been a complete trip unless Lauren searched for the best possible trail. We hiked up North Trail for a round trip of six miles in perfect weather. In total it took us about four hours with a breathtaking lunch break at the top. The trail was manageable with a couple of steep rocky portions for good measure.

Obligatory mom and pup pics

Family selfie
Working hard and getting muddy
The view from above
I was obsessed with these mossy roots
Addy met some very interesting new friends upstate including a frog, wild turkeys and falcon. 

August 10, 2014

CYP450 Inhibitor | Grapefruit Cocktail

A toast to the end of the last summer and the beginning of second year. 
Throw back to Block 6 Pharmacokinetics with a delicious CYP450 inhibitor.  

July 5, 2014

A Very Philly Fourth

Danny & Sydney at the Philly Fourth of July Jam
The whole family made it down for America's 238th birthday 
  the lovely mom
 Addy sporting her Colombia Yellow, Blue & Red for the World Cup match
Bananagrams was played
 Alyssa getting ready and being patriotic 

 Dave & Alyssa
Looking forward to this double date 
 Then things got weird
 and weirder
puppy kisses
 Addy made it through the concert and fireworks!
loving the windy weather
Late night snuggles 

June 30, 2014

Playa del Carmen | Mexico

Vacation in Playa del Carmen was a amazing. I met Lauren and her family there for a long weekend and I couldn't imagine a more perfect getaway. We started off each day trying to catch the sunrise over the beautiful turquoise water. We spent whole days outside soaking up the sun, laying in the infinity pool, and swimming in the ocean. We ate amazing at restaurants and sipped delicious cocktails.