November 20, 2013

Kidsgiving | H.E.R.O

Full Plates

 Temple Med Volunteers

 Even the vegetables were gone at the end! 

 Pumpkin Cupcakes 

 Sweet Potatoes and Pecans 

 Lina getting hugs 

 Trying new foods! 


 Photo Shoot and Dancing 

Two of my favorite chefs! 

The whole HERO crew

H.E.R.O (Helping Energize & Rebuild Ourselves) is a student run organization at Temple University School of Medicine. Volunteers help support the H.E.R.O non-profit organization located near the medical school. We volunteer daily at the after-school program with 30 kids from the local community. 
The goal of the organization is to inspire children from within the North Philadelphia community to pursue their higher education goals and promote nutrition and health awareness amongst the children...
BUT today's goal was to give thanks, hang out with friends & mentors, and eat delicious food!

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