April 1, 2017

Full Moon | Sa Pa, Vietnam

Travel: VISA required. 
Health: Up-to-date routine vaccines. Typhoid vaccine, Malaria prophylaxis. Consider rabies vaccine if covered by health insurance. 
Get Around: Overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. (Note: It is extremely difficult to find the correct train so leave with plenty of time and ask everyone you see where to go). We slept well and our train car neighbors were tour guides and were very helpful and gave us all of the bottled water and snacks for the trip! Further transportation up and down to the starting point were provided through Sapa Sisters. 
Stay: Hanoi Pearl in the city center. 
Eat: All of the homestay local food was delicious! We also indulged in some "Happy Water", a homemade alcohol. Before jumping on the night train in Lao Cai we grabbed dinner at Terminus which looks unassuming but had an amazing green mango salad. 
- Trek with Sapa Sisters an ethical and incredible organization owned and run by women from an ethnic minority, Hmong, group. Our guide was welcoming, knowledgable, and hilarious. 
- Homestay- everyone is so welcoming and you feel like a true part of a community. 
- Wear old running shoes...it's a real trek that can get very slippery. 

 Kind of tall

 Kiddo catching eels in the mud

 Adorable pups everywhere!

 We ate the grapes and played with the indigo! 


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