April 5, 2017

Full Moon | Hanoi, Vietnam

Travel: VISA Required. Can apply for VISA on arrival.
Health: Up-to-date routine vaccines, Typhoid vaccine, Malaria prophylaxis.
Get Around: Motor bikes (with caution! and taxis)
Stay: Hanoi Pearl and La Siesta Trendy. Wonderful staff, clean, convenient!
Eat: Quan an Ngon, Pho Gia Truyen, Bun Cha Hong (Obama visited), Ban Mi 25 to name a few but you really cannot go wrong!
Drinks: Egg Coffee at Giang Coffee, Cafe Pho Co (secret balcony), Polite Pub (ex pats), beer with the locals on the train tracks, Beer corner Bia 23, Hill Station (craft beer IPA and porter), Summit Lounge (cocktails and a view over the city)
- Women's Museum, Hanoi Prison, Hanoi Cathedral, Temple of Literature, Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, get massages, visit Tay Ho (expat hipster hood)
Don't: Attempt to bike at rush hour or cross the street at a 90 degree angel!

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