September 8, 2016

The Day Before the Day Before | Do Work

 Hand picking hydrangeas from the Sinnenberg backyard for the rehearsal dinner  
 with helpers 
Addy trying to ensure she is not left behind

The Barn at Handsome Hollow

 Addy & Aussie 
 The Farmhouse at Handsome Hollow


 someone found a muddy pond 

 bistro lights

 corn hole
....and then rain...lots of rain
 Moni and Tini
 Hutch and Sarah 

 Sydney and Danny 
Stephanie, Joey, Sydney and Danny 
 Lauren and Annie
 Annie and Worth : Gingers and stripes!
 Stephanie and Joey 
 Sorry Tia Lina...it was too cute not to post!
 That's more like it!
 Aunt Kim and Dad
 John Paul and Paul 
 Paul and Mom 
Nana and Gramps 

Mom, Nana, and Gramps killing it! 

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