May 14, 2013

Embossing | DIY Cards

I've been making handmade cards for years so it's pretty amazing that I've never tried my hand at embossing. I went to Paper Presentations for the materials: Embossing Powder, Embossing Ink/Pen, and a Heat Tool. 

 Embossing Powders 

Be sure to save the excess powder 

 Embossing Pen for handmade designs 

 Pens and Paint Brushes to keep everything in line 

 Heat Tool- I looked into a lot of other options (ie. blow dryer, heat lamp, etc) but this tool is essential. 
Final Product- not as simple as I was hoping but I'm happy with my first project. 

Step One: Stencil design lightly in pencil. 
Step Two: Trace design with Embossing Pen (in small segments). 
Step Three: Pour Embossing powder over inked segment. 
Step Four: Gently shake off excess powder and return to container. 
Step Five: Use a paint brush to clean-up any edges. 
Step Six: Apply heat with Heat Tool from a couple inches above or below project.  

Heat project from the underside of the paper to minimize the amount of powder moving around. I can't wait to try stamps next! Happy Embossing!