January 7, 2013

Home Depot | Femme | Furniture

 Final Product

Free Furniture |  Trash Day 

 |  I found these two very lonely stools on the side of the road with the trash so I decided to give them a new home. After taking great lengths to ensure there were no unwelcome creepy crawlers we made the journey back to my apartment and up five flights of stairs. Here I introduced the stools to various cleaning products and the bathtub. I spent the remainder of the night comparing techniques for refinishing furniture and compiling a list of supplies.  |

{Femme does Home Depot}

|  Home Depot makes you walk through staged kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, and lighting fixtures before you get to to paint & tools. But somewhere between picking out a pale blue glass tile for my future bathroom complete with soaking tub and waterfall shower-head I managed to get the goods. Shopping list: coarse sand paper, fine sand paper or steel wool, masking tape, plastic throw, 1in paint brush, 2 in paint brush, Breyer's paint sample (covers 4-6 ft), wood stain. Total Cost: $22.35  |

 Sea-foam Green Legs

Stained Wood Seat

Final Product

Clean Up

|  After five hours of sanding, taping, painting, waiting, and repeating I have learned some things  |

1) Sanding is a work out. My right arm and side are still very sore.
2) Wood stain does not come off the body even after two showers & heavy pumice stone use.
3) Painting indoors while drinking red wine will make you feel funny and sleep well.